Never a better time for dentistry

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“These are days of enormous changes in the profession,” said an ebullient Dr. Gordon Christensen in the kick-off keynote speech at DPRWorld08.

Addressing a crowd of dentists and dental team members, the Founder and Director of Utah-based Practical Clinical Courses cited in particular the seismic shift in dentistry from being a “needs-based” to a “wants-based” profession.

That change, he continued, has helped provide the impetus for an array of increasingly popular procedures—esthetic, implant and more— “which [are] going to dominate the future of dentistry.”

At the same time, this revolution presents dentists with new responsibilities, such as how best to evaluate the efficacy of new products and treatments for their practices. And the ultimate judge of that, Dr. Christensen said, is the practitioner. While evidence-based research can provide guidance, it must be evaluated in conjunction with the dentist’s “clinical observations,” he said.

Jason Devey may be an endodontist from Central Pennsylvania, but he came to DPRWorld to learn about products and trends in general dentistry, as well as to take in the top-quality education.

After listening to Dr. Gordon Christensen give his keynote speech Thursday morning, Dr. Devey shared his thoughts with DPR.

“I’m here because I want to get current with what’s going on in dental products,” he said. “I thought Gordon’s lecture was very good and he seems to be very product centered.”

Dr. Devey also is looking forward to some of the CE panels coming up later this week. “I’m very excited about this (event),” he said. “You look at most the names of the speakers at DPRWorld and the lecturers here are really good.”

Backstage Pass

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A behind the scenes look at move-in day for DPRWorld08.

New Product Information

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Witness new products, demos,
or product launches from:




Biolase Technology


D4D Technologies





EZ2000 Dental Software


J Morita USA

Kerr Corporation

MIS Implant Technologies

a Kerr Company

Kodak Dental Systems


Schick Technologies

Smart Endodontics
by Discus Dental



TipIt Technologies


Ultradent Products

Vista Dental

Zap Lasers

An Education Revelation

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Going beyond big names to pursue big ideas

With the respect and authority that comes with Dental Products Report’s 40 years in the industry, it was not difficult to persuade distinguished thought leaders to be a part of the DPRWorld continuing education experience. The challenge we faced was how best to blend these voices in a debate over the art, science, and business of dentistry in a way that reflects the innovative technology at the heart of the event.

So after much research and observing other models, we realized that the main thing missing was you, the dental professional.

From monologue to dialogue

Of course, you as dentists, dental lab owners, dental hygienists and assistants have always been there in some form—usually sitting quietly in the dark, taking notes (maybe), checking your watch (probably) as the speaker up front delivers his or her lecture, bathed in the glow of a PowerPoint screen.

With so many advances in dentistry, we believe the continuing education should be just as exciting as the technology at hand. Our solution to the CE slump is to present customized curriculum in an all-panel format that allows the dental professional to engage in a conversation with the speakers, rather than sit through a canned presentation.

During each session, panelists will present brief, focused deep-dives into a compelling clinical area, then our esteemed moderators will guide a lively discussion among panelists that fleshes out where and why they might disagree and highlight the practical implications of the big picture they lay out. The linchpin of this process is that attendees will be encouraged to submit questions to the panel in real-time, in order to share and address the issues that dental professionals face on a day-to-day basis.

“The panel format offers a unique blend of ideas, interchange between doctors with differing opinions and audience interaction,” panelist Dr. Robert Lowe adds. “Participants will experience the best of what dentistry has to offer.”

If there is a point of contention that you wish they’d address, you don’t have to lament the fact that it never came up. You can bring it up and then watch as the brightest minds in the profession collaborate in developing an answer to your question.

“This isn’t just an opportunity for dental professionals to learn more,” says panelist Dr. Fred Eichmiller, “it’s a chance to join the debate.”

Team spirit

The DPRWorld CE program focuses on innovation in all areas of dentistry and laboratory technology, highlighting the team approach in a way that differentiates this event from all others. Unlike most dental and lab conferences, the panels feature experts in both fields, allowing all attendees to take courses together, fostering continuity, community, and comprehension.

“I commend DPR on planning such a comprehensive meeting that will cover virtually all facets of modern dentistry,” panelist Dr. Ronald Goldstein says. “It should be a great way to learn about both the present and future of dentistry.”

Panel discussions will touch on a variety of topics, including emerging technologies in prevention, cutting-edge restorative options, practice-improving technologies, the fine art of esthetic dentistry, endodontics, multidisciplinary treatment planning, and shaping the future of dentistry. Rather than burden dental professionals with the task of picking and choosing which courses to prioritize, all attendees will be able to attend every course—no counter-programming. When the panelists are this good and the discussion is this beneficial, we believe no one should miss out.

The same goes, of course, for our two keynote speaker presentations featuring Dr. Gordon Christensen, co-founder of CR Foundation and Clinicians Report, and Dean of the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry; as well as Imtiaz Manji, CEO and co-owner of Mercer Advisors, and founder and CEO of the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry. These two men will cast a vision for the future of the dental profession that prepares participants to embrace change on the horizon and inspire them to use all these technological advances to optimize both profits and care.

“This is going to be the first meeting in years,” says panelist Dr. Barry Freydberg, “at which I’m speaking myself, but will stay so I can attend every session.”

Defining Expectations

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What’s all the fuss about innovation?

in·no·vate [in-uh-veyt], v. 1. to introduce something new; make changes in anything established. 2. to introduce something new for or as if for the first time.

Why start with a definition? It seems so…overdone. In this case, however, it seems more than fitting to begin with a definition of the concept that has defined Dental Products Report (DPR) magazine for the last 40 years, and continues to shape its future within the dental profession.

New products, new methods, and new concepts have been the lifeblood of the coverage on which DPR has built its reputation. Whether it’s new impression materials or digital radiography, lasers or CAD/CAM technology, products change the way dentists practice, and, by extension, their lives. The ability to produce more, to produce more efficiently, to produce better quality, to help patients have the smiles that change their lives—it all comes back to innovation.

why we’re all here

DPRWorld exists to be the premier event for bringing together the people behind innovative new products, and the dental professionals that put them to use. You are here because you understand the role that new technology plays in raising the bar in standards of care.

Since DPR has long been the mediator between manufacturers and dental professionals, providing information on cutting-edge new products, DPRWorld is committed also to being a place where those manufacturers and professionals meet and discuss the future of the dentistry.

This week, our exhibitors will remind you why they got into this business in the first place, displaying products that they hope will help you improve tasks big and small in your daily routines. Several will launch products that they’ve spent the last year working on. All of them hope to engage you in discussions about how they continue to meet your needs and, together, dream up the next great innovation.

Hello world!

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Welcome to DPRWorld LIVE, the official publication of DPRWorld08, coming to you live from the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Here you will find the latest news and updates from the show floor and the education sessions. Our panel driven education provided by over 30 of today’s top clinicians is sure to provide insight into the latest issues facing your practice, each day we will post the highlights from these custom educational sessions.

Also, our exciting show floor features not only the biggest brands, but Innovation Center Theaters spotlight the hottest products and services available right now. Read about the latest products, launches and demos taking place on the show floor right here.