ALL ACCESS: Chris Isaak

His reputation proceeds him. There was no doubt Chris Isaak would deliver a stellar performance. No one could have predicted, however, the rapport he would have with the crowd—a roomful of dentists, come on!

Isaak, of course, rose to the occasion, at one point encouraging the crowd to “think of as your hygienist in a sparkling suit,” and insisting that oral hygiene was a passion of his. Not content to keep his charm on stage, during his cover of the ballad, “Return to Me,” Isaak stepped down into the crowd to flirt, hug, and woo the many women in the audience. One lucky woman even sat on his lap. She shares just how excited she was in the clip below.

About halfway through the show, the crowd was ready to dance, and inspired by “Only the Lonely,” several couples made their way to the center of the floor and a large group stayed to dance the remainder of the evening.

For the attendees, to see the general session room transformed into an intimate concert setting was a real treat, complete with free drinks and world-class entertainment. According to Dr. Barry Sherman of Harrisburg, PA, it was an element of DPRWorld that truly distinguished it from other dental meetings.

~ by cwaring on May 17, 2008.

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