Empower your practice

It’s time to become your own CEO—of both your life and your practice.

That means becoming a visionary and defining what success means to you, Scottsdale Center for Dentistry Founder and CEO Imtiaz Manji said during his keynote address Thursday morning at Mandalay Bay to help kick off DPRWorld08.

“We have to decide what success really means,” Manji said. “Success is doing the things we love to do, that if we had a choice in what we do in life, this is what we would do.”

Coming up with a plan is part of achieving that success, and Manji outlined five indicators for becoming the CEO of your life and your practice.

The economic crisis, advances in technology, next generation and baby boomer opportunities were also topics Manji hit on. He also stressed the importance of recognizing that patients are more than a number and that case acceptance is key to a thriving practice. Creating the right environment and building relationships is vital to establishing trust and keeping your patients from going elsewhere, which these days includes overseas.

Bottom line: It’s all about setting goals, relationships, and convergence. It’s becoming your own CEO and enjoying as much of life as possible.

“The title CEO is not reserved for the Fortune 500 companies,” Manji said. “You are the CEO of your practice. You are the CEO of your life. Success is discretionary.”

~ by cwaring on May 15, 2008.

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