A taste of the ‘Taste’

Attendees take time to kick back and take it in

As the CE courses ended for the day, DPRWorld08 attendees gathered in the Dental Plaza for some relaxation, conversation and, of course, some lunch.

The afternoon’s activities kicked off with the Taste of Mandalay Bay, where attendees had the chance to sample a variety of foods, from crab cakes to spring rolls to prime rib. Complimentary bar drinks helped create a festive atmosphere before attendees headed off to the innovation centers and the show floor.

“It’s perfect,” Amy J. Arbogast, DDS, said as she enjoyed some down time. “You can walk around and eat and the drinks are nice. I like it.”

Food stations, comfy couches and tables were set up throughout the Dental Plaza, where dentists spent some time chatting and reflecting on the morning’s CE. Richard Ramos, DDS, and his wife Gayle said they enjoyed the morning panels and keynotes and were looking forward to the second half of the day.

“We haven’t hit the exhibit floor yet,” Ramos said. “That’s next.”

~ by cwaring on May 15, 2008.

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